Beautiful Prints of Pittsburgh

All of these prints will be available for sale at Construction Junction Saturday 9/15.  Reserve yours today on the order page and take a piece of steamrolled pittsburgh to your home or office!

(Neighborhoods represented from top left to bottom right: Hazelwood, Squirrel Hill, South Side, Downtown, East Liberty, Homewood, Oakland, Community Day Poster, Hill District)


This Saturday 9/8 is the BIG Pour!  We’ll be crankin out the steamroller and putting this project into motion.  All of the neighborhoods have been artfully designed, the blocks have been carved and now it’s steamroller showtime!  

After the event we’ll post a video of the process so you’re able to see how this giant machine is used to create beautiful representations of Pittsburgh.  

In the afternoon session of the Big Pour, we’ll be printing 4 of the 8 blocks on a large sheet of rice paper and in the evening session, we’ll print the remaining 4 neighborhoods.  All together we’ll have 8 24″x24″ blocks of Hazelwood, the South Side, Squirrel Hill, Homewood, Downtown, Oakland, East Liberty and the Hill District.  Come be amazed by the artful potential of a steamroller machine at Construction Junction’s Big Pour! 

Prints in process…